About Debra

Training Based On Trust ~ Not Fear

Pawsitive Spirit proudly offers the best dog training classes in Barrie, year round. Our programs are Veterinarian Recommended and are “Truly Dog Friendly”.   We don’t train by force.  We teach you to communicate effectively with your dog, resulting in a harmonious working relationship based on trust, not fear.

At Pawsitive Spirit, our training philosophy is to set up our dogs for success and make learning a pawsitive, fun and rewarding experience! We believe each dog and handler team is individual and unique and schedule our classes accordingly.  Our small group classes offer lots of personal attention.

If you can’t attend regular weekly group classes we have lots of options for you:

  • Private lessons
  • In-home training
  • Pre-paid telephone consultations
  • On-line video training
  • Puppy Montessori School ~ where you drop off your dog and we do the training for you!

Pawsitive Spirit Training & Wellness is owned and operated by Debra Pearse, RMT-RP, CCMP, CESMT.

Debra has extensive experience working with animals.  She is an active participant in competitive dog sports and is well known for her many successes competing at the provincial and national level in Agility with her canine team-mates Bliss, Maggie and Sage.  Debra also has many years of experience in the horse world as a rider, trainer, coach and judge. She has successfully competed in hunter, jumper and dressage.

Debra’s positive training philosophies mirror that of her commitment to holistic health and wellness.  In addition to her extensive training background with dogs and horses, Debra also has many credentials in holistic wellness for animals and people. She is certified in both Canine and Equine Massage Therapy; a Reiki Master/Teacher specializing in Animal Reiki; an Advanced Student of Traditional Chinese Medicine – completing a dual practitioner certification in both Equine and Small Animal Acupressure, an Integrative CranioSacral Therapist who treats people – small animals and horses,   is a Level 2 Therapist in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and is also currently completing her board certification in Hypnosis!

Debra attends on-going professional development to maintain her high level of competency. She works closely with many local Veterinarians and is sought out for her extensive knowledge in training, behavioural consulting and holistic wellness.