Behaviour Modification

Puppy Zen 101:


Are you having a problem with your dog?

Fido being a little feisty these days?

Feeling like you’re not the leader of your pack?


We can assist you with specific issues such as barking, lunging, separation anxiety, house-training issues, etc.  We will help you understand your dog’s behavior and outline a Behavior Modification Plan for treatment and training.

Behaviour Modification sessions can be held either in your home, at another location or at our training centre, depending on the nature of the problem you are experiencing.

This one on one training is an excellent choice for dogs that display reactivity or aggression towards other dogs or people. Our goal is to integrate you into future group training if desired.

Our training method is that of positive reinforcement. We use valuable rewards to help change your dogs behaviour. We teach you how to set up your dog for success and reduce the likelihood of failure. Our training and behaviour modification programs are based in trust, not fear.

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