At Pawsitive Spirit Training & Wellness, 
our goal is to build strong, loving and healthy relationships between people and their pets - through training based on TRUST not FEAR!
We are well known throughout Simcoe County for our excellence in instruction and dog training.  We teach Agility, Puppy Classes, Obedience, Tricks, Clicker Training and Canine Fitness.  Starting with puppies as young as 8 weeks of age, we will teach you to how to develop a strong connection with your dog and how to establish your role as your dog's leader. 

Through our proven positive reinforcement training methods and consistent, clear communication, we will help you and your dog become a successful team, whether your goal is to have a well behaved family pet or a star in the show ring! 


In addition to training, we also provide Holistic Wellness Services for dogs, cats and horses.  Please be sure to read below and browse through our website for information on our Canine & Equine Massage, PEMF Treatments (Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field Therapy) and Small Animal & Equine Acupressure and Reiki.


Because our training works,
we are proudly
Pawsitive Spirit rocked again at the 2012 Ontario Regional Agility Championships, held May 25 - 27, 2012 in Ilderton, Ontario.  Both of Debra's competitive dogs, Kali and Maggie, have once again qualified for the 2012 Canadian National Agility Championships.  This year Kali finished in 2nd place and Maggie in 5th place overall ~ quite an accomplishment to have both dogs finish in the top 5 dogs in Ontario for the fifth year in a row. Additionally, we had several first place finishes this year in the individual events at Regionals, including winning Jumpers with both dogs on Sunday!

The 2011 Regional Agility Championships were held closer to home at Burl's Creek Park in Orillia, Ontario.  Again top five finishes for both dogs and in addition, both Kali and Maggie qualified for the prestigious Steeplechase Championship event, sponsored by The Royal Pets Hotel and Spa. 

Miss Maggie Mae won the finals - making her the #1 Steeplechase Dog in Ontario (16"V).  Kali, still recovering from an accident the day prior, had a lot of fun and finished in 3rd place this year.  In 2010, Kali won the Sasha's Blend Steeplechase Championship class and it was her year to be the #1 Steeplechase Dog in Ontario (22"V). We are very proud of our girls!  

If you are interested in getting involved in this exciting sport of dog agility, please be sure to visit our class schedules and registration page to find a class that is right for you.

Classes are offered for all levels, from absolute beginner to national level competitor.

We have private, semi private and group lessons available during the day and in the evening.

All classes are taught using positive, motivational training methods that are fun for both the dog and handler. 

Come train with one of Canada's top handlers and watch your dog become a STAR DOG!


Kali, the most beautiful and talented Standard Poodle, truly has too many titles to list, but here's a few of her accomplishments...

2nd Place - Ontario Regional Agility Championships - 2012, 2010, 2009
4th Place - Ontario Regional Agility Championships - 2011
Bronze Winner - Royal Pets Hotel - Ontario Steeplechase Championship - 2011
Gold Winner - Sasha's Blend  Ontario Steeplechase Championship - 2010
Bronze Winner - Sasha's Blend Ontario Steeplechase Championship - 2009
#1 Standard Poodle - Agility Assoc of Canada - Top Regular Dogs 2007, 2008
#1 Standard Poodle - Ontario Regional Agility Championships 2007 - 2012
#1 Standard Poodle - Canadian National Agility Championshps 2008, 2009
#1 Standard Poodle Agility - Ontario 2006, 2007, 2008  (26" Reg.)
#2 Standard Poodle Agility - Canada 2006  (26" Reg.)

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See Kali and Debra
in The Barrie Advance:  "Pampered Poodle Steals the Show"
Miss Maggie Mae

Maggie is our beautiful rescue Border Collie. She
has grown to be a Superstar Agility Dog and an amazing team-mate.  It's always a fun ride to compete with her!

#1 Steeplechase Dog in Ontario 2011 (16"V)
5th Place - Ontario Regionals 2011, 2012
Agility Trial Champion of Canada 2011
Agility Dog of Canada
Advanced Agility Dog of Canada
Starter Games Dog of Canada
Advanced Games Dog of Canada
Masters Jumpers Dog of Canada
Masters Steeplechase Dog of Canada
Expert Bronze Steeplechase Dog of Canada
Expert Silver Steeplechase Dog of Canada
Expert Silver Gamble ... and many more titles!!!
Click here to read Maggie's rescue story.... and click here for some more news about Maggie!
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 exciting training and competition videos
See Kali and Debra
in The Barrie Examiner:
"Going to the Dogs"
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What makes us different from other training schools?  

We specialize in Holistic Based Pawsitive Training.
We don't train by force.
We teach you to communicate effectively with your dog, 
resulting in a harmonious working relationship
based on trust, not fear.

All of our classes are taught using positive, motivational training methods, that are easy for both the dog and the trainer
to follow and understand.

We blend the joy of working with animals, 
with the power of the Universe!

Debra Pearse-Lappano is a Certified Canine Massage Practitioner, Certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist, Certified Lifestyle Consultant with MediTech, Registered Animal Reiki Practitioner/Reiki Master and an Advanced Student of Traditional Chinese Medicine, completing a dual Practitioner Certification in Small Animal and Equine Acupressure.  She provides a variety of complementary healing modalities, working closely with many local Veterinarians, to provide optimum health and wellness to their animal clients.

Reiki is a harmonious and non-invasive healing system utilizing Universal Life Energy through gentle touch to promote relaxation, balance and well-being.

Massage, another ancient healing art, also has many benefits as it stimulates the millions of sensory receptors in our bodies.  Touch influences body, mind and spirit! Massage is purposeful touch!

Acupressure is yet another ancient healing method which can have a profound impact on both humans and animals.  This gentle treatment helps the body to restore, replenish and maintain the natural harmony and balance needed to create optimal health and well-being.

Reiki, Acupressure and/or Massage treatments for small animals (canine and feline) can be scheduled in our office, at your home or at Aldergrove Animal Clinic. Treatments can also be combined with your dog's training sessions. Treatments for horses can be performed at your own barn, show or training facility.  Please visit our Reiki Energy Healing and Canine Massage pages for more information. 

Attn Pet Owners:  Your Pet Insurance plan may reimburse you for your pet's Reiki, Acupressure and Massage treatments.  Ask us how!
Life has really gone to the dogs....
"Cedar Tru Bliss" was born May 15, 2011 and bred by Carolyn Lewis of Cedar Border Collies.  I am truly blessed to have this wonderful puppy in my life.  It was destiny that we found each other and she is perfectly named, as she seems to bring feelings of Bliss to all who meet her!

Bliss makes a regular appearance as demo dog for all of my obedience and agility classes.  She loves to work and enjoys her spot center stage!  While she doesn't have any titles to brag about YET, because she is still too young to compete, I'm sure that soon she will have her own alphabet soup behind her name as her future looks very bright!!!
Pawsitive Spirit's training videos are watched all over the world!  

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Welcome to Pawsitive Spirit, where every dog is a Star Dog!  
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